Armed and Ready.png

Workers in the oilfield are required to wear the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on location, and there are many different elements. You wouldn’t think of going out without your FR’s (Fire Retardant Clothing), steel toes, hard hat, safety glasses, gas monitor or gloves. The same is true of our Spiritual lives. Many people go out unprepared and not “wearing” the right gear.

A life of faith is not a walk in the park. Choosing to live differently than what the world calls normal will bring conflict into your life. A life of faith can be a battle. Some battles are big and some are small, but there’s something to be gained (and potentially something to lose) in every battle. If the Christian life was all about rainbows, potlucks, side-hugs and singing Kumbaya, then this passage of scripture wouldn’t be necessary. Because life is worth fighting for and living well, it’s important to know what you need to prepare and persevere through life’s difficulties and challenges. It’s time to get ARMED AND READY!